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Our Customer Centre

The VEMAG Customer Centre offers customers a dedicated development environment for new food products and production techniques. Using the customer's original raw materials, product samples can be created to develop new technologies and to present sample lists for retailers. At the same time, VEMAG is given the opportunity to present its latest technologies and technological expertise. The Customer Centre furthermore offers a professional environment for training courses and seminars. The Customer Centre is split into several areas with different remits. The front section facing Weserstrasse is occupied by a large showroom in which filling machines and complete production lines are exhibited with all the necessary attachments.

Modern media technology is available for professional presentations on a huge range of formats. The rear technology area contains two large working areas that are used to produce food products under realistic conditions. There is also a packaging and tasting area. The remaining area is utilised as meeting room and office space. The overall area of the Customer Centre is approx. 2000 m².

VEMAG Customer Centre
VEMAG Customer Centre