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VEMAG at interpack

Automation, efficiency and flexibility: These are the points we are focusing on with our appearance at interpack. Right at the transition point with hall 4 in hall 5, VEMAG will be showcasing its innovative solutions for loading food into trays, cans and jars on a space spanning 110 sq. m.

Ongoing live demonstrations of VEMAG‘s "Flexible" line will show how a number of different specialities can be produced in an efficient process and placed into trays fully automatically using the SL306 loading line — a product that has yet to be exhibited at a trade fair. Burgers, Adana kebabs, minced meat, cevapcici, fresh grilling sausage, meatballs, croquettes, cheese balls with a fruit filling and beefburgers with feta cheese: these are just some of the options available for implementing your product ideas.

The AML273 automatic meatball loader, which was honoured with the International FoodTec Award by DLG e.V., will make its global debut at the interpack event, appearing in a new coex version. This product is the efficient attachment in the "Flexible" line being exhibited, and is the world's only low-pressure former that can be used to deposit products such as meatballs into trays.

The VEMAG FKF II filler for extremely accurate filling of viscous products into jars and cans is also being showcased as a quick, precise and reliable product in the portfolio. Whether the product is a paste, a liquid or contains pieces, or whether they are raw or cooked sausage products, from liver pâté to beef and pork in its own juices: the filling quantities are identical. For reproducible quality!

We would be happy to send our customers an entry ticket to the event. Should you require a ticket, please send an email to marketing(at)vemag.de or contact your area sales manager.


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