Link Loader LL335

Universal Solution for Grouping Sausages

The Link Loader LL335 is a complete grouping system for sausages that is suitable for universal use. The sausages are placed into trays in groups in a fully automatic process, or passed on for a subsequent process via an interface.

Features of the Link Loader LL335:

  • Can be used universally for sausages with collagen or alginate casings
  • groups sausages without piling them up, avoiding the denting
  • Fully automatic filtering out of sausages that are below standard
  • Capacity: 600 sausages/min. (depending on the portion size)
  • Length of sausages: 80–190 mm
  • Caliber: 13–38 mm
[] Link Loader LL335

Infinite flexibility
Due to freely adjustable group sizes
Can be loaded with commercially available trays

Modular structure

Can be used with all VEMAG length portioning machines (LPG), flexible sausage lines (FSL), the alginate line CC215 and the cutting machine TM203

Cost Savings

by reducing the number of personnel 

Increased productivity

By increasing the quantity of sausages that can be packaged