牛肉 BF255

Burgers with a loose texture in a new look


  • 成品的品质优良,色香味形俱佳
  • Thanks to an innovative processing of raw materials, the Beef Haché Burger keeps its shape even after cooking
  • 如同手工制作,口感松软
  • 重量均衡一致
  • 机器能连续生产,运行成本低


  • 肉饼的质地松软独特
  • 成品的形状和重量,可以随心所欲地设计
  • 速度高达240个/分钟
  • 虽是工业化生产,却如同手工制作的产品
  • 使用模块化的模具,方便更换


  • 连续轻柔地压制产品,使其外形轮廓美观
  • 适用于多样化的产品 - 无论质地松软还是紧密的产品
  • 不管使用何种模具,产品的高度均可调整 
Beef Haché Former

Characteristics about Beef Haché Former:

  • Highly accurate weights and high output
  • New kinds of burger with a looser texture and unique product quality
  • Plenty of flexibility in shapes and portion weights
  • Products that look handmade, manufactured industrially
  • Replaceable mould blocks mean quick set-up times
  • Can be integrated into the Flexible Line