Baking applications

Do you want to produce traditional and modern baked goods on an industrial scale with just one machine? Well, now you can with the VEMAG dough portioner. The modular system consisting of dough portioner and attachment allows production to be just as versatile as your product range.


  • White bread and pizza doughs

    White breads are known for their loose and fine porous texture.

  • Wholemeal and rye breads, and gluten-free doughs

    Do you need a loose and even texture, high volumes and an attractive crust from all of your products?

  • Fine baked goods and small baked items

    Production of a range of fine baked goods and small baked items

  • Hamburger and hotdog buns and English muffins

    Precision-weight hamburger buns with fine and even texture, and English muffins with loose and large-pore crumbs