Portion2Pack – VEMAG Filling, Portioning and Packaging Solutions in a Nutshell

White bread and pizza doughs

White breads are known for their loose and fine porous texture. Weight precision also plays a key role in the industrial production of products. The VEMAG dough portioners manage just that: high portioning rates and gentle processing of doughs and product at high speeds.


  • Vemag Dough Portioner VDP230

    The high-output VDP230 divides wheat-based dough

  • ROBOT 500

    The smallest dough portioner in the VEMAG dough portioner range.

  • HPE series

    Dough portioner for portioning and dividing a range of doughs and products

  • ASV808

    High cutting rate of up to 230 portions per minute

  • ASV811

    High cutting rate of up to 150 portions per minute

  • ServoASV

    Multi-row portioning of soft doughs and product

  • VDD807

    Dough portioner with integrated cutter and conveyor belt

  • Process Check

    Weight check in complex production lines

  • MMP223 Bakery

    Perfect production of different types of bars.