Portion2Pack – VEMAG Filling, Portioning and Packaging Solutions in a Nutshell

Coextruded products

Whether it's sausages, croquettes, balls or parcels: these are filled products in the truest sense. Filled products with mustard, sauces, vegetables or cheese filling are easy to produce with the VEMAG Convenience System. The filling is precisely positioned and the ends are securely sealed. The shape is retained even after preparation.



  • Ball Control BC236

    Device for producing filled and unfilled balls, croquettes or rissoles

  • Ball Control BC237

    Device for producing balls, croquettes or rissoles

  • Servocrimper

    Device for producing filled burgers and filled dough products

  • Automatic Meatball Loader AML273

    Automatic Meatball Loader AML273

    Production of convenience products, such as meatballs, vegetable balls, skinless grilling sausages, croquettes and much more