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Shaped products

Do you want to produce shaped products that will impress you and your customers? The VEMAG convenience systems are the right products for you. The solutions available for shape-keeping products with precise weights are just as varied as the possible shapes.



  • Kebab Layer System

    The revolution in doner kebab production

  • Ball Control BC236

    Device for producing filled and unfilled balls, croquettes or rissoles, also for veggie and vegan mince products.

  • Ball Control BC237

    Device for producing balls, croquettes or rissoles, also for veggie and vegan mince products

  • Forming machine FM250

    Device for producing shaped products from meat or vegetable product

  • Servocrimper

    Servo Crimper

    Device for producing filled burgers and filled dough products

  • FST883

    Device for flexible division of filling flows, also for veggie and vegan mince products

  • Cutting Device ASV811

    High cutting rate of up to 140 portions per minute

  • Coex894

    Device for producing filled product strings with open or sealed ends

  • Automatic Meatball Loader AML273

    Automatic Meatball Loader AML273

    Production of convenience products, such as meatballs, vegetable balls, skinless grilling sausages, croquettes and much more