Your product in Cups

Cup products are an extremely practical type of packaging, not only for consumers. Do you need a solution for filling your products directly into cups? With the VEMAG tub lines, you can fill cups with products such as fresh cheese, salads or boiled sausage cleanly and drop-free. Consistent filling levels and precise weights are guaranteed.



  • FKF607 Dosen-, Becher- und Glasfüllanlage

    Automatic and weight-accurate filling and dosing of chunky and stringy products

  • Single lane filling heads

    Dripless dosing of materials with different consistencies

  • Cup Filling Lines

    For weight-accurate filling of viscous mixtures (also veggie and vegan) into cups, trays and deep-draw packages etc. in multiple lanes.

  • FKFII The can filling system

    The can filling system is a fully automated device for precise filling of jars and cans, also for veggie and vegan mince products.

  • Can, jar and cup filling system FKL609

    Fill cans, jars and cups fully automatically