Shaped products

Do you want to produce shaped products that will impress you and your customers? The VEMAG grinding system is the right product for you. The solutions available for shape-keeping products with precise weights are just as varied as the possible shapes.


  • PI355

    The PI355 paper interleaver positions paper under the portions separated by the forming machine FM250 or the burger former BF255.

  • Manual Product Former MPF818

    Premium burger patties for small producers

  • Multiloader ML L/R 380-383

    Multi-lane product distribution for minced meat and forming lines

  • Forming machine FM250

    Device for production of shaped products from meat, vegetable or plant-based mixtures

  • Tool trolley704

    Classification system for machines and lines

  • Process Check VPC716

    Weight control and mean value management in complex production lines

  • Separation grinder982

    Grinding and separating of unwanted product elements in one step

  • Separator813

    Separating device for reliable separation of bone, cartilage, sinew etc. whilst grinding

  • Flexible Fresh Meat Line

    Flexible Line

    The flexible fresh meat line allows different products to be produced on a single line

  • Automatic Meatball Loader AML273

    Automatic Meatball Loader AML273

    Production of convenience products, such as meatballs, vegetable balls, skinless grilling sausages, croquettes and much more