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Cooked sausage

Do you want to precisely portion small and large-calibre products according to length? With the current clipping machines, this is easy and does not entail extensive conversion work. Equal lengths also ensure an even and consistent appearance in your packaging.


  • Vacuum Filler HP3

    A small, flexible vacuum filler featuring tried-and-tested VEMAG double screw technology

  • HP1L

    The HP1L in conjunction with the casing holding device DHV937 for all types of casing is the perfect partner for daily business

  • Vacuum filler Robot500

    Our bestselling vacuum filling machine

  • Robby

    Vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for small and medium-sized businesses without a lifting and tipping device

  • Vacuum filler HP10E

    Sausage specialist with optimal machine efficiency for maximum output

  • Vacuum filler HP12E

    Vacuum filler with double screw for flexible use

  • Vacuum filler HP 15E

    The specialist for clip applications for cooked sausage and boiled ham products, as well as for all high-performance linking applications

  • Vacuum filler HP 20E

    The universal vacuum filler with double screw for flexible use in all applications

  • Vacuum filler HP25E


    The fastest vacuum filler on the market for the production of large-calibre sliced products

  • Vacuum filler HP30E

    The most powerful vacuum filler of the HPE-series on the market for optimal filling grinding technology for the production of salami



  • Vacuum filler DP10E

    Vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for industrial filling and portioning of soft product

  • Vacuum filler DP12E

    Universal vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for industrial portioning of soft and hard product

  • Vacuum filler DP14E

    The fastest vacuum filler from VEMAG with rotary vane pump for industrial applications for all products

  • Vacuum filler HP10L

    The link specialist with double screw for flexible use

  • Total Vacuum System TVS149

    Supplement for the tried-and-tested HPE-series and XP2 vacuum fillers for the production of salami, cooked sausage and boiled ham products

  • Smart Link 4.0

    System for entering operational and machine data

  • Filling table707

    Filling table for use in the production process

  • Digital Scale877

    Digital scales for spot-check weight testing