Are you looking for a solution for producing products such as salami? These devices give your products a clear structure and consistent cross-section without smearing. Sinews and gristle are immediately separated, and the final particle size is standardised.


  • Vacuum filler Robot500

    Our bestselling vacuum filling machine

  • Vacuum filler HP12E

    Vacuum filler with double screw for flexible use

  • Vacuum filler HP 20E

    The universal vacuum filler with double screw for flexible use in all applications

  • Vacuum filler HP30E

    The most powerful vacuum filler of the HPE-series on the market for optimal filling grinding technology for the production of salami



  • Vacuum filler DP12E

    Universal vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for industrial portioning of soft and hard product

  • Vacuum filler DP14E

    The fastest vacuum filler from VEMAG with rotary vane pump for industrial applications for all products

  • Vacuum filler XP2

    The most powerful vacuum filler on the market

  • Total Vacuum System TVS149

    Supplement for the tried-and-tested HPE-series and XP2 vacuum fillers for the production of salami, cooked sausage and boiled ham products

  • Smart Link 4.0

    System for entering operational and machine data

  • Digital Scale877

    Digital scales for spot-check weight testing

  • Filling table707

    Filling table for use in the production process

  • Sausage grinder980

    Chopping of the raw material into final particle size

  • Separation grinder982

    Grinding and separating of unwanted product elements in one step

  • Separator813

    Separating device for reliable separation of bone, cartilage, sinew etc. whilst grinding