Cooked sausage

Do you want to precisely position small and large-calibre products according to length? With the attachments from VEMAG, this is easy and does not entail extensive conversion work. Equal lengths also ensure an even and consistent appearance in your packaging.



  • Hanging machine AH219

    [Translate to Englisch:] Aufhängemaschine AH219

    Device for automatic hanging of sausage strings.

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG218

    [Translate to Englisch:] Längenportitioniergerät LPG218

    Efficiency for sausages in artificial casings

  • Sausage depositing unit


    With a maximum throughput speed of 600 sausages per minute, the machine deposits up to 25 sausages on one belt in parallel, depending on the calibre of the sausages.

  • Cutting machine TM203

    Cuts fresh sausages in natural and collagen casings.

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG208 Servo

    Linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG209 Servo

    Length portioning machine with casing magazine for linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG213

    A length portioning machine for hot dogs featuring a fully automatic casing magazine for loading synthetic and collagen casings

  • Flexible Sausage Line FSL210

    FSL 210

    Portioning, linking and separating device for sausages

  • Flexible Sausage Line FSL211

    FSL 211

    Portioning and linking unit for sausages

  • Hanging machine AH212

    AH 212

    Device for automatic hanging of sausage strings.

  • Length portioning device LPV802 universal

    LPV 802 universal

    Patented casing holding device for automatic linking of sausages of equal length

  • Casing holding device DHV810

    DHV 810

    Casing holding device for the production of small-calibre products with natural casing

  • Casing holding device DHV841

    DHV 841

    Universal casing holding device for all casing types

  • Casing holding device DHV937

    DHV 937

    Attachment for all vacuum fillers for direct hanging on the linking gear

  • Alginat Line CC215

    Production of sausages in an alginate casing at high speed

  • Casing applier DAG804

    Casing applier for rapid application of natural casing

  • Separator 813

    Separating device for reliable separation of bone, cartilage, sinew etc. whilst grinding

  • Flexible Fresh Meat Line

    The flexible fresh meat line allows different products to be produced on a single line