Fresh grilling sausage

Fresh grilling sausages and other sausage specialities can be produced quickly and individually with VEMAG vacuum fillers and attachments. Natural casing is not the only casing filled quickly yet carefully in this case.



  • Link Loader LL335

    Link Loader LL335

    Universal solution for grouping and fully automatic loading of sausages into packaging

  • Cutting machine TM203

    The device for cutting sausages in natual and collagen casing 

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG208 Servo


    Linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG209 Servo

    Längenportioniergerät LPG209 Servo

    Length portioning machine with casing magazine for linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Flexible Sausage Line FSL210


    The machine for flexible and accurate length portioning, linking and separating of sausages in natural, collagen and cellulose casings

  • Length portioning device LPV802


    Casing holding device for automatic linking of sausages in natural casings with identical lengths

  • Casing holding device DHV841


    Universally applicable casing holding device for all types of  casings with a casing pusher for artificial casings (also veggie and vegan products)

  • Casing holding device DHV937


    Universally applicable casing holding device for linking of any type of casing

  • Alginate Line CC215

    The attachment for production of sausages in alginate casing (also for veggie and vegan products)

  • Casing applier DAG804

    Casing applier for rapid application of natural casing

  • Separator813

    Separating device for reliable separation of bone, cartilage, sinew etc. whilst grinding

  • Flexible Fresh Meat Line

    Flexible Line

    The flexible fresh meat line allows different products to be produced on a single line

  • Sausage grinder980

    Chopping of the raw material into final particle size

  • Separation grinder982

    Grinding and separating of unwanted product elements in one step