Our flexible machine systems allow you to extend your product range whenever you want to. As well as your traditional, broad range of sausages that extends from cooked sausage, to salami, to pâté type sausages, VEMAG’s range of attachments allows you to adapt flexibly to demand, offering things like modern, formed products such as fresh sausages (including skinless sausages), meatballs, burgers and lots of other ideas.



    Can filling tube908

    Attachment for exact portioning of different masses.

  • Skewer former MSF931

    For portioning masses onto skewers made of wood, metal or plastic

  • Casing Holding Device DHV815

    The universal casing holding device for linking of all types of casings

  • Casing holding device DHV810

    DHV 810

    Casing holding device for the production of small-calibre products with natural casing

  • Casing holding device DHV937


    Universally applicable casing holding device for linking of any type of casing

  • Casing holding device DHV841


    Universally applicable casing holding device for all types of  casings with a casing pusher for artificial casings (also veggie and vegan products)

  • Length portioning device LPV802


    Casing holding device for automatic linking of sausages in natural casings with identical lengths

  • Casing applier DAG804

    Casing applier for rapid application of natural casing

  • Manual Product Former MPF818

    Premium burger patties for small producers

  • Ball Control BC237

    Device for producing balls, croquettes or rissoles, also for veggie and vegan mince products