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Service at VEMAG goes beyond what you see us do. Service is the attitude we embody – a holistic approach to customer care. VEMAG Service is by your side at all stages, from machine assembly and user training to preventative maintenance and repairs. The customer is always the central focus. We develop bespoke service solutions to suit your specific needs. Decades of experience underpin our flexibility.

Service – grinding service

A grinding machine is only as good as its blade sets. Cheap copies either break or wear down quickly. Original blades remain sharper for longer. And to ensure your blades too stay sharp for the long haul, VEMAG offers a grinding service in Germany – genuine VEMAG. This is because we know our products inside out. The choice is yours: from simple grinding and return of the blade set parts in their original box, which offers maximum protection from damage, through to the All-Inclusive Flat-Rate Plus. With the all-inclusive offer, we do more than just take care of the overall logistics, we replace worn parts with original new materials. And if necessary, we can offer replacement sets on-site. This allows you to work uninterrupted with original replacement parts, with all new investments already covered.

Service – maintenance agreements

Maintenance agreements ensure that no service maintenance is missed and optimal machine performance guaranteed. You can be safe in the knowledge that your machines will work the way you are used to: reliably and with the performance you expect. Our portfolio ranges from our standard solution through to individually tailored maintenance and service plans. Preventative maintenance is the best insurance for your machines. With maintenance agreements from VEMAG, you can secure the long-term value of your machinery.

Service – Online Doc

The solution for saving time. Provided that you grant us access, the VEMAG Service department can access any machine that you connect to the VEMAG Online Doc via the internet. This means that the service team can determine which work needs to be carried out before their visit, and allows them to make optimal preparations. Lengthy explanations by the customer are no longer necessary, as the service team can already see what needs to be done. This saves the service team time, and you benefit not just in financial terms, downtime is also minimized.

Service – Training

VEMAG machines are intuitive to operate, but there are always good tips and tricks for ensuring more efficient operation. In the VEMAG training sessions, which are held across Germany either on your premises or in the modern, fully-equipped VEMAG Customer Centre, machine operators learn how best to operate the machines for more efficient production. Your service team can use these sessions to gain valuable knowledge in maintenance and servicing.

Service – spare parts

A good spare parts service means rapid response times and high availability of replacement and wear parts. This is the only way to safeguard reliable production. VEMAG replacement and wear parts are of course genuine original parts, subject to the same quality requirements as all of our products. We work solely with leading logistics providers to ensure your parts reach you quickly – worldwide.