One for all: the new casing holding device by VEMAG works with any customary casing type

The DHV815 for a full range of applications in the butcher trade sector

Twist-linking of sausages has never been as easy and convenient as with the new VEMAG holding device DHV815. Whether cellulose, collagen or natural casings, for all calibres the new casing holding device is easily and precisely adjustable and guarantees reproducible results with its flexibility and first class product appearance. 


One casing holding device for all applications

The DHV815 covers an extremely broad calibre range from 13mm to 58mm and processes all customary casing types. The device works securely and precisely even with overlapped casings. The design of the DHV815 ensures very short travel paths of the product, resulting in a higher quality of the end product. 

Adjustment of the casing tension works through the driven casing brake and can be done without tools. The improved and extremely gentle brake concept prevents casing bursts and improves casing yield remarkably. The linking is smooth and reliable, the twist-links are always well positioned, thus, reducing the casing loss significantly. 

An optional roller guide assists the operator at high production speeds. The DHV815 not only increases productivity, but also the operator ergonomics, thus, trained personnel is not required. 


The modular and robust construction with just a few wearing parts reduces maintenance effort and saves costs.  

The new swivel concept for an easy operation


Optional attachment for length portioning of natural casings

An optional attachment serves as an extension to the DHV815 for the length-precise linking of sausages in natural casing. The standardized casings can be used with the system, the casing guiding horns controlling the calibres. Water is used as a natural lubricant to reduce bursts and improve yield. 


The new swivel concept for an easy operation  

The DHV815 swivels in a straight (linear) movement relative to the linking horn, a back stroke function serves to use casings with the push back. The concept supports a secure feeding of the linking horns, offers free choice in purchasing of casings and reduces bursts during the start-up – yet another precious advantage  in the reduction of non-productive times. 

The innovative mechanics of the DHV815 guarantee longer service life and lower maintenance costs. 


The DHV815 is compatible with the following vacuum filling machines and attachments:  

The HPE series, HP10L, the DPE series, DP3/DP5/DP6, Robby, HP1L, HP3, Robot500; the casing applier DAG804 as well as the inline grinder 980 and 982.

DHV815 in use