Perfect dry sausage products thanks to filling, portioning and grinding under full vacuum

Dry sausage with an intense meat colour and no visible air inclusion appeals to consumers.

In order to enhance these product qualities VEMAG has developed a vacuum system with two separate vacuum sections to enable a more intense vacuum impact on compact dry sausage meat. Filling, grinding and separating in one production process guarantee an optimum dry sausage production. 

An intense meat colour, a homogenous distribution of lean meat and fat as well as an even structure of the sliced dry sausage – only products which look inviting and appetizing at first sight find their way to the end consumers. For the manufacturer it is crucial to ensure the consistently high and uniform product quality relying on great reproducibility at maximum cost efficiency. 


Intense vacuum impact reduces oxygen influence 

Oxygen in the air influences colouring and colour stability of dry sausage products significantly. In order to deaerate dry sausage meat efficiently, thus, removing as much oxygen as possible and preventing colour contrasts, the VEMAG machine concept features two separate vacuum sections which can be controlled independently and thereby adapt perfectly to the filling material. Several machine types with the Total Vacuum System TVS149 offer a vacuum hopper instead of an open hopper additionally to the customary vacuum system of the feeding element used in all VEMAG fillers. 

The vacuum hopper is connected to a supply tank from which the product is drawn in via a suction pipe. Thanks to the closed hopper of the filling machine the filling material can be kept under vacuum longer throughout the filling process.

Down-feeding the product in the hopper under full vacuum exposes the included air to the vacuum system efficiently and for a longer period of time. Thus, air is removed extremely efficiently and reliably.


Total Vacuum System - TVS149

Grinding, separating and filling - all in one!

A highly efficient extension of the filling machine is the application of VEMAG grinding technology for in-line grinding and separating during the filling process. The combination of both technologies impacts positively on dry sausage production, enhancing the quality of appearance, taste and mouthfeel significantly. 

The filling machine conveys the pre-cut and refined product via the double screw and thereby serves as a drive for the VEMAG grinding technology. The unique selling point of this innovative solution is the linear product flow through the knives and hole plates of the grinder. It prevents dead spaces and minimizes transport losses, following the principle of “First in First out”.

Final grinding to the desired particle size during the filling process, makes sensitive dry sausage production extremely gentle. The particle structure is distributed evenly, the system guarantees an even structure of the sliced product with precise separation and definition of lean meat and fat and without smearing. 

The VEMAG separation grinder982 can be used in conjunction with a HP20E and a HP30E, and the separation grinder983 in conjunction with a XP2. The grinding technology may additionally be extended by a separator. Undesired particles like cartilages and bone splinters are separated reliably and directly before entering the casing, ensuring a perfect end product and offering yet another considerable quality benefit.

HPE Serie available with and without the Total Vacuum System

TVS149 HP30E

Continuous feeding improves productivity 

The supply tank upstream of the vacuum hopper substantially improves the buffer capacity for filling material. The level sensor in the vacuum hopper continuously monitors the filling level and loads the hopper fully automatically via the supply tank as soon as the filling level falls below the set limit, thus, guaranteeing a nearly uninterrupted production.

Any filling machine of the HPE or XP series is compatible with the Total Vacuum System. Depending on the power and feeding capacity of the application, one may choose either an HP20E, an HP30E or an XP2, the most powerful machine in the market.


New separation blade set for more efficiency and profitability 

VEMAG offers a new innovative blade set for the reliable and constant separation of solid particles and undesired components in an efficient and profitable manner. 

An independent scientific research has confirmed that the VEMAG separation grinder982 in combination with the separator813 and the newly developed separation blade set generates significantly improved separation results. Thanks to this new technology the separation of red meat particles is minimized by up to 60%. The operator can count on the reliable and sole elimination of cartilages, solid particles and other unwanted components. Yet another innovation by VEMAG and a milestone in the quality improvement of dry sausage products.

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