Delicious, juicy, with a perfect bite: burger patties just like handmade with VEMAG

Burgers are playing an increasingly important role in the home kitchen. Enjoying a homemade, delicious burger, as if from a specialty restaurant, sometimes classic, sometimes refined or completely newly created, is the trend - there are no limits to the imagination. In addition to variations in buns, sauces and toppings, however, it always comes down to one thing: The patty. Consumers are happy to buy it as a ready-made convenience product from the butcher so that they can prepare it at home without much effort.

What does the patty depend on?

Loose, juicy, with an appetizing appearance, delicious taste, convincing mouthfeel and bite, as if homemade. This is how the customer wants "his" burger patty from the butcher. Here, in addition to the quality, the processing of the meat is also decisive; the combination of both ensures a premium product.

In order to achieve exactly this premium quality in the patty, VEMAG supports the artisan butcher in the production process with filling systems, filling grinders and flexible attachments for shaping the end product. The result: Perfect patties with a convincing, appetizing product appearance as well as excellent bite as if handmade and formed quickly and reliably.

Perfect shape - great mouthfeel
This is where the Manual Patty Former MPF818 comes into play: It is the ideal VEMAG professional for the manual production of premium burger patties that appeal to customers with a delicious appearance and convince them with a great mouthfeel when enjoyed. Thanks to its modular design, the Patty Former can be combined with all VEMAG filling machines, such as the VEMAG Robby in the craft sector or the Robot500 with Filling Grinder 980. In this way, patties of different thicknesses and diameters can be produced in the simplest way and very flexibly, according to user requirements. Operation and changeover to a new burger size are child's play and make the VEMAG MPF818 the perfect partner in production.

Verden, 04 January 2021

[Translate to Englisch:] VEMAG Manual Patty Former MPF818

[Translate to Englisch:] VEMAG Manual Patty Former MPF818: Der passende VEMAG Partner für die manuelle Herstellung von Burgerpatties

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