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Linking sausages in artificial and collagen casings

The reference class - the new VEMAG LPG218 and LPG238

Automation and increased productivity are two aspects that are of great importance in the field of sausage production. Only with a head start can you compete successfully in the long run. This requires market-leading solutions. VEMAG meets these requirements with the LPG218 and the LPG238 and is the new reference class for artificial and collagen casings.

Ideal solution for industrial sausage production

The length portioning device is predestined for precise sausage production: The machine processes synthetic, polyamide and collagen casings fully automatically. It convinces with highest length and weight accuracy, a measurable reduction of give-away, increase of production output and increase of efficiency.

Process options

While the LPG218, which is already very successful on the market, is oriented to the left as usual, the mirrored version LPG238 produces to the right. This allows it to fit effectively into industrial production environments. The LPG238 can optionally be equipped with a looper to transfer the linked sausage strands directly onto the hook of a continuous smoking system.

Modular design

Designing VEMAG length portioning units, increased focus was placed on the reduction of components, short set-up times, high availability and particularly easy cleaning. All these features contribute to increased productivity, exceptional hygienic properties as well as cost efficiency by reducing spare parts and service times.

The filling head prevents product overrun through its integrated shut-off valve during casing changeover pauses and generates a constant filling pressure in the system, which guarantees a perfect first and last portion as well as contributes to the cleanliness of the machine.

The magazine box that stores the casings can hold up to three caddies - more than any system on the market. The integrated fill level monitoring informs the operator of the minimum load and thus prevents the line from running empty. This results in a noticeable increase in efficiency, in addition to the filling tubes with the longest usable filling tube length on the market for maximum casing utilization.

The gripper principle of the LPG218 and LPG238 guarantees a controlled transfer of the casing sticks, which are permanently held to be safely positioned on the linking horn. Even faulty or bent casing sticks can thus be safely placed on the linking horn. The integrated electromechanical caliber control and the permanent centering of the linking horn by the horn centering unit also prevent faulty loading and protect against user errors as well as collisions caused by operator error. Bent or damaged filling horns are a thing of the past, thus increasing process reliability. The filling horns are driven by a wear-free magnetic coupling.

A continuous product flow during the filling and linking process through the VEMAG linking belts enables precise linking to equal sausage lengths. This generates the advantage of improved casing yield and output, consistent reproducible length accuracy, less rework and excellent weight accuracy.

The associated AH219 and AH239 hanging units enable ergonomic labor due to an ideal height level and flexibility for optimum utilization of the thermal process. Together with a charging filling system and an LPG218 or LPG238, the VEMAG length portioning units each form a complete line.

Both solutions can be operated mirrored in parallel. A major advantage in industrial production.

Further extensive information is available at the special VEMAG LPG site



Verden, January 2021

[Translate to Englisch:] Perfekte Gewichte, ideales Produktbild, präzise Haptik und reproduzierbare Genauigkeit für die industrielle Würstchenproduktion

[Translate to Englisch:] VEMAG LPG218 und LPG238 mit Aufhängevorrichtungen: perfekte Gewichte, ideales Produktbild, präzise Haptik und reproduzierbare Genauigkeit für die industrielle Würstchenproduktion


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