Machine of the month october: Loading Lines SL305 and DL302

The loading lines deposit products into trays accurately and in a fully automated process, and convey them to the appropriate packaging area.

Minced meat, fresh fried sausage, cevapcici, cheese balls, meat balls, burgers and many more products can be produced one after another with flexibility and efficiency and conveyed to the subsequent packaging area. The DL302 and SL305 can even deposit goulash, schnitzel or chops in trays - in fact, they can deposit any product that can be conveyed in a stable state.

With a simple tray denester, the SL305 is suitable for smaller, flexible applications. The machine processes approx. 120 portions of minced meat (500 g) or 180 burgers per minute.

At approx. 160 portions of minced meat (500 g) or 240 burgers per minute, the DL302 achieves maximum speeds thanks to two integrated tray denesters with a double index conveyor. In this system, packaging is loaded on one feed belt while the second feed belt synchronises the position of the tray - double power for even higher speeds. The DL302 transfers the trays to the subsequent packaging machine on two lanes, which complies with the 2:1 format of a tray sealer and means that no additional sorting process is required.


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