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Premium quality burger patties with VEMAG FM250: fluffy and juicy just like handmade

Burgers grow popular! In addition to well-known fast food chains, more and more classic and specialized restaurants are offering this delicacy. And even in the home kitchen, the burger is becoming the leading actor. In addition to variations in buns, sauces and toppings, one thing really matters: the patty. Here, the processing of the meat is decisive, because it makes the difference between a patty that is acceptable and one that is a premium product.

What does the patty depend on?
Loose, juicy, with an appetizing appearance, delicious taste, convincing mouthfeel and bite, just like homemade. This is how the consumer wants "his" patty, regardless of whether he enjoys it in a restaurant or prepares it himself as a convenience product. In order to guarantee precisely this premium patty quality, VEMAG supports the manufacturer in optimizing its production processes: With filling systems, filling grinders with the option of continuous separation, as well as attachments for shaping the end product, VEMAG offers exactly the right solutions. The result is perfect patties, absolutely weight-accurate, quickly, reliably and precisely formed with convincingly little give-away.

Perfectly shaped with great mouthfeel
The FM250 forming machine is the VEMAG professional when it comes to the industrial production of burger patties with the bite, texture and appearance of a premium quality handmade product. On the one hand, it forms so compactly that the end product holds together well during preparation, but on the other hand, it is fluffy with a juicy, soft texture. The FM250 achieves this by gently conveying the raw material in such a way that the meat fibers remain intact and maintain a consistent orientation. A flattening belt brings the products running on a conveyor belt to the desired final size, and the patties are then automatically placed in trays. The VEMAG FM250 forms up to 300 portions per minute and at the same time impresses with a give-away of less than one percent.

Verden, December 11, 2020

[Translate to Englisch:] Profi für die industrielle Herstellung geformter Produkte: die VEMAG Formmaschine FM250

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Profi für die industrielle Herstellung geformter Produkte: die VEMAG Formmaschine FM250

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