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VEMAG automates the filling of cans, jars and cups

FKL609 is the name of the new solution from VEMAG for the automated filling of cans, jars and cups. Packaging made of glass and metal in particular is very much in vogue - and for the butcher's trade, for example, this opens up attractive sales channels for regional specialties. The new FKL609 supports this development with all the benefits that come from automating the filling process. Thanks to the integrated can lifter, even pasty masses can be filled cleanly and with accurate weight. Compatibility with existing VEMAG vacuum filling machines was also important to the Verden-based company when developing the FKL609. Medium-sized companies as well as craft businesses have the opportunity to invest specifically in the automation of container filling - without having to worry about a new filling machine.

What can the FKL609 do? Regardless of whether a filling head with a piston or an inner tube closure is used, the system is designed to pack pasty and liquid products in precise portions. In doing so, the new development operates at an average cycle rate of between 30 and 60 packages per minute. "With this output, the FKL609 fits ideally into the production speed of medium-sized food processors," says product specialist Dirk Buhr. "A higher speed is usually not necessary, as otherwise there would be a jam in front of downstream processes, such as lidding machines."

Fast setup times

The FKL609 does not require any time-consuming setup work for different packaging sizes. If companies use cans, cups, or jars of different heights to vary the contents, then only the height of the side guide of the rotary indexing table needs to be adjusted when changing. "Everything can be adjusted easily - hygienically and without tools," explains Dirk Buhr. The new machine also demonstrates maximum flexibility in its ability to be combined with different filling heads and the spatial setup options. VEMAG opens up the possibility of placing the FKL609 at suitable angles to the filler with different, adjusted conveyor belts. A production line can thus be integrated with a high degree of freedom into existing areas with the spatial restrictions that naturally occur.

With few and user-friendly setting options, the system is easy to operate. Whether sauce, minced meat, cooked batter, stew or salad: Five parameters on the hygienic touch display are sufficient to complete most tasks in a process-safe manner. The FKL609 thus opens up a high level of automation without compromising on usability. The training period for the new solution from Verden is correspondingly short and the processes are self-explanatory.




[Translate to Englisch:] Vakuumfüllmaschine Robot500 mit der neuen FKL609 zum automatisierten Befüllen von Dosen, Gläsern und Bechern.

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