THE MOUTHFEEL RULES: Plant-based products as a meat alternative

Vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians – the right product for every taste



  • Products just like hand-made
  • Continuous forming with servo technology for individually customized products
  • Minimum giveaway



  • For patties, balls and croquets
  • Filled and unfilled products
  • Starting at a portion weight of 1 g
  • Diameter between 10 mm and 60 mm, depending on the variant
  • An optional flattening belt or structure roll for other fantasy shapes and products



  • Short setup times with just a few spare parts and no tools
  • Highest output of up to 250 cycles in up to 12 lanes
  • High weight accuracy thanks to the VEMAG filling flow divider

There has always been „veggie“. The trend came and went. But for some time now it has been apparent that the trend took roots and is now a common part of the regular diet. More and more people consume less meat. They adopt a flexitarian, a vegetarian or even a vegan diet. Foodstuffs producers are meeting these needs and manufacture relevant products. The growing number of start-ups for development and production of plant-based products, as well as the strong focus of larger meat producers on the same field prove that the trend came here to stay.


Vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians – the right product for every taste
Peas, soy and wheat proteins, along with algae, jackfruit and other plant-based raw materials serve as a base for modern vegetarian and vegan products.
Plant-based alternatives take their bearings from the meat sector: the meat alternative should smell, taste and look like meat. It is most important, however, that the substitutes have the same texture as meat, and the authenticity is to be preserved, at least for customers who are looking for a meat substitute because they want to give up on meat but not the mouthfeel and taste of it - the burger patty is the perfect example.
The combination of corresponding ingredients and spices and special technical and thermic procedures allows the producers to create a meat-like texture and taste, based on plant raw materials.

Focus on the end product

The Ball Control BC236 is the ideal machine to produce perfectly shaped, plant-based products, with a great mouthfeel and meat-like texture, e. g. burger patties. The shaping of the products is realized by the opposed hole plates through which the mass is guided. Complete closing of the perforated discs guarantees the ideal separation and the optional flattening belt produces perfectly shaped patties in up to six lanes. The great weight accuracy is guaranteed by a filling flow divider, which separates product streams evenly and thereby provides an exactly defined quantity on all outlets.

The BC236 can be used for almost every application. Croquets, burgers and filled veggie balls: possible are ball- and droplet-shaped products, cylinders and ellipses, filled and unfilled, with portion weights starting at 1 g and, depending on the variation, with diameters between 10 mm and 60 mm.

The BC236 offers up to 12 outlets. With a cycle speed of 250 per minute the 4-up version produces 1,000 unfilled products and the 6-up version 1,500 unfilled products. At a cycle speed of 150, the BC236 produces 600 or 900 filled products. In case of a higher demand, a retrofit kit for the high output version is available.  This allows for the production of up to 3,000 unfilled products per minute on 12 lanes, or in other words: if you are producing a 20 g product, you are processing 3.6 t per hour.

Vegan products for barbecue season with Ball Control BC236 and FM250

Ball Controll BC236
Forming Machine FM250

One machine – various applications

Burger patties, plant-based mince, spreads, sausages of any type, filled and unfilled balls – the variety is unlimited. With its vacuum filling systems and wide range of applications VEMAG offers top quality solutions for any demand. Any paste-like mixture can be processed. The proven double screw technology is the unique selling point of VEMAG and offers an almost limitless flexibility in the production process. A selection of different double screws adapt to temperature conditions and material consistencies, according to individual needs: the “regular” minced meat is processed at -2° C, whereas vegetarian spreads are filled at 80° C. VEMAG machines are made for that!

The advantages of VEMAG solutions for industrial productions are obvious: the operator is familiar with each existing line. Product changeovers take place quickly and trouble-free, the operator does not have to adapt to a new machine but instead operates on his familiar unit.

VEMAG has established its position in the plant-based sector for decades and can fall back on highly specialized technological know-how. Along with powerful filling machines of the HP and DP series, there are numerous attachments in the VEMAG portfolio, like forming machines for patties and balls, co-extrusion devices for filled products, length portioning devices for sausage production as well as solutions for placing the product into trays and thermoformers. Hanging systems for sausage strings and cup filling lines complete the program.