Single lane filling heads

Weight-dependent portioning rate of up to approx. 100 portions per minute.

Wide range of products (salads, toppings, soups and spreads)

Characteristics about Filling Head981:

  • Perfect for highly viscous products
  • Different outlet sizes
    • Standard size with 30 and 40 mm with CE
    • 50 and 60 mm CE on request
    • Other sizes on request

  • Double stroke

Characteristics about Filling head with inner tube shut off:

  • Perfect for small portions and semi liquid products
  • Diameter from 6 mm up to 35 mm
  • Dripless dosing
  • Less contamination of sealing edges

Characteristics about Hand Depositor806:

  • Various product shapes
    • Round and star shaped nozzles

  • Flexible handling
    • For various products

  • Ideal for small batches
  • Permanently easy working
    • Deliverable with gallows


Characteristics about Rotary Filling Head863:

  • Perfectly customized to the product
  • Quick product change
    • Change of the roller
    • Adjustment of the thickness possible