Dairy lines

The first-class VEMAG technology is versatile for cheese and dairy production: cutting, forming, dividing and filling - let our applications inspire you and your customers!


VEMAG offers a wide range of processing machines specifically designed for the production of a wide variety of cheese products.

Whether your application requires forming, extruding, depositing or filling cheese: VEMAG has the right solution for you!


From filling processed cheese or fresh cheese into trays, to the production of various cheese shapes such as sticks, wedges or blocks, soft cheese such as goat cheese rolls, to co-extruded products - VEMAG is the right partner for all applications.


The basis is the feeding technology with the double screw tailored to the special requirements of the cheese processing industry. In addition, VEMAG is the first supplier of a vacuum filling machine with USDA Dairy certification - a special distinction for expertise in the dairy processing industry segment.




  • Single lane filling heads

    Dripless dosing of materials with different consistencies

  • Shuttle Conveyor SC360 - 363

    Multi-lane product distribution for minced meat and forming lines

  • FKFII The can filling system

    The can filling system is a fully automated device for precise filling of jars and cans, also for veggie and vegan mince products.

  • Can, jar and cup filling system FKL609

    Fill cans, jars and cups fully automatically

  • Servocrimper

    Servo Crimper

    Device for producing filled burgers and filled dough products

  • Cutting Device ASV811

    High cutting rate of up to 140 portions per minute

  • FST883

    Device for flexible division of filling flows, also for veggie and vegan mince products

  • Coex894

    Device for producing filled product strings with open or sealed ends

  • Ball Control BC237

    Device for producing balls, croquettes or rissoles, also for veggie and vegan mince products

  • Cup Filling Lines

    For weight-accurate filling of viscous mixtures (also veggie and vegan) into cups, trays and deep-draw packages etc. in multiple lanes.