FKFII The can filling system

The can filling System is a full automatic machine for filling cans and jars exactly.

Characteristics about FKFII can filling system:

  • Cuts sinewy meat perfectly, such as ham hock and pet food
  • Whether paste-like, flowable or coarse, whether raw or cooked sausage products, from liver pate up to pork or beef in its own juice - the filling amount is always identical 
  • Highest portioning output 
    (120 cans/jars per minute)
  • The maximum filling weight per can/jar ammount 1.200 g.
  • Utmost precision because volume is accurately adjustable
  • Excellent product profile because portioning is done gently
  • Improved product quality because receptacle is completely filled
    without air inclusions
  • Lots of flexibility in the formats and sizes of cans and jars
  • Clean, drip-free portioning