Dough portioner

Do you want to produce traditional and modern baked goods on an industrial scale using just one machine? Well, now you can with the VEMAG dough portioner. The modular system consisting of dough portioner and attachment allows production to be just as versatile as your product range.


  • HP1

    Flexible and simple solution developed specifically for small and medium-sized companies 

  • Vemag Dough Portioner VDP230

    The high-output VDP230 divides wheat-based dough

  • Robot500

    The smallest dough portioner in the VEMAG dough portioner range.

  • HPE series

    Dough portioner for portioning and dividing a range of doughs and products

  • VDD807

    Dough portioner with integrated cutter and conveyor belt

  • ASV811

    High cutting rate of up to 140 portions per minute

  • ASV812

    Forming, portioning and dividing without oil

  • ServoASV

    Multi-row portioning of soft doughs

  • Filling head981

    A filling device for fluid products, such as cake mixes

  • Manual filling head806

    A manual filling head for portioning and applying delicate and fluid products

  • Filling flow divider FST883

    Device for flexible division of filling flows

  • Process Check VPC715

    Weight check in complex production lines

  • MMP223 Bakery

    Perfect production of different types of bars.

  • Rotary Filling Head WFK863

    Portioning of soft doughs for wholemeal breads, rye and rye-mix breads, pumpernickel, gluten-free breads and special breads into baking tins

  • Dosing Lip

    For precise and dripless dosing

  • Portioning table

    For directly filling of dough into baking tins