Portion2Pack – VEMAG Filling, Portioning and Packaging Solutions in a Nutshell

Filling head 981 with piston closure

  • Can be combined with VEMAG dough portioners in the HPE series and the Robot 500
  • Filling device for all fluid products such as cake mixes, pound cake batters, fruit mixes, etc.
  • Available with different output cross-sections such as 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm or  60 mm
Filling head 981

Clean, drop-free portioning
Second piston jolt ensures clean and drop-free portioning as no residues are left on the piston after a portion is dispensed.

Several filling heads
By combining with a VEMAG filling flow divider, several filling heads can be operated in unison.

Rapid and effortless cleaning
Rapid and effortless cleaning thanks to the ability to disassemble the device without tools.