Multiloader ML L/R 380-383

Multi-lane product distribution for minced meat and forming lines.

Product charateristics ML L/R:

  • Single-lane portioning and multi-lane placing of products in various layouts
  • Precise and reliable placing of grouped products into trays and thermoformers or other downstream processes (freezing and cooking systems)
  • Exact positioning of the products
  • Simple and flexible changing of the discharge patterns
  • Full synchronisation with packaging machines
  • Simple product changeover by simple program selection
  • The ML L/R 380/381(left/right) discharges 600 mm x 600 mm depending on the format of the thermoformer. Belt width: 600 mm.
  • The ML L/R 382/383 (left/right) discharges 800 mm x 800 mm depending on the format of the thermoformer. Belt width: 800 mm

ML L/R 380 381 382 383


Versatile supplement

Versatile supplement to the VEMAG cutters, minced meat portioners and forming machine.