No future trend anymore, but your reality: so many reasons to switch to plant-based products variety!

Keeping up with a healthy diet trend, supporting the environment or animal welfare - end consumers decide to give up on meat consumption for various good reasons. The appealing appearance is the deciding factor for successful purchase and consumption. VEMAG offers you not only years of expertise in the field of plant-based products, but also custom-made solutions for your individual requirements.


  • Alginate Line CC215

    The attachment for production of sausages in alginate casing

  • Length Portioning Machine LPG208 Servo


    Linking sausages with maximum length and weight precision

  • Length portioning machine LPG218 and hanging machine AH219

    Efficiency for sausages in artificial casing: Length portioning machine LPG218 with hanging machine AH219 for automatic hanging of sausage strings

  • Casing holding device DHV841


    Universally applicable casing holding device for all types of  casings with a casing pusher for artificial casings

  • Ball Control BC236

    Device for producing filled and unfilled balls, croquettes or rissoles.

  • Ball Control BC237

    Device for producing balls, croquettes or rissoles

  • FKFII The can filling system

    The can filling system is a fully automated device for precise filling of jars and cans.

  • Cup Filling Line

    For weight-accurate filling of viscous mixtures into cups, trays and deep-draw packages etc. in multiple lanes.

  • FST883

    Device for flexible division of filling flows

  • Loading Line SL305

    Fully automatic and efficient loading into packaging for the industry

  • Forming machine FM250

    Device for producing shaped products from vegetable product

  • Portioner MMP223


    The MMP223 is suitable for use on veggie and vegan mince production lines

  • Process Check VPC716

    Weight control and mean value management in complex production lines