Length Portioning Device LPG208 Servo

The Length Portioning Device LPG208 links sausages with utmost length and weight accuracy.

Characteristics of the Length Portioning Device LPG208: 

  • Linking sausages with maximum length and weight accuracy
  • Possible caliber range from 13 to over 40 mm
  • Can be used with natural, collagen, polyamide and cellulose casings
  • Optional casing pusher for perfect advance
  • May be used for petfood production

LPG 208


Casing end detection and casing burst detection
Casing end detection and casing burst detection for smooth production flow.

Rotating twin head
The rotating twin head ensures optimized output volumes.

Sensor-controlled divider belts
Processing of delicate sheep casings via sensor-controlled divider belts, which do not damage the casing and portion each sausage individually.