Loading Line SL305

Fully automatic and efficient packaging for the industry

  • With a simple tray denester, the SL305 is suitable for smaller, flexible applications. The machine processes approx. 120 portions of minced (500 g) or 180 burgers per minute.
  • The loading line SL305 is suitable for universal use, whether for formed or coextruded products, or for sausages, burgers, minced or products in balls.
  • Products deposited in trays in a wide range of variations, e.g. burgers can be positioned one after another, in stacks or in overlapping rows.
  • Commercially available 1/2–1/8 gastro trays can be used
Einfache Beladelinie

Efficient Goods Flow
Burgers, Balls, cevapcici kebabs, meatloaf, minced and much more can be loaded automatically into trays, enabling a high degree of automation.

Flexible Packaging Type

Burgers can be placed stacked or staggered as required.

Rapid Product Changes

Fast modifications are possible for product changes, enabling optimum use of production time.