Process Check VPC716

Check Weigher for Minced Meat and Forming Lines

Load cell

  • Reduce giveaway by intelligently controlling the connected filler
  • Constantly perfect weights: Defective products don’t find their way into retail
  • Easily adjustable working height means flexibility
  • Efficient to clean: all of the parts remain on the machine
  • Robust build quality makes it impervious to vibrations caused by production
  • Easy to transport
  • Long-life transport belts because the belts are guided precisely
  • A special weighing table design allows even the smallest products to be transported safely

Operating panel

  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • Downtimes quick to resolve
  • Operator prompts make troubleshooting easy
  • Production documentation and overview, thanks to easy data transfer by cable or USB stick

Automatic ejecting by dropdown system or T-pusher

  • Selectable ejection principle
  • Production security: no risk of defect products finding their way into retail
  • Defective portions are detected and removed with total reliability
  • The drop-down system also ensures: Savings on packaging material due to reduced rejects

More characteristics about Process Check VPC716:

  • Guaranteed weight accuracy – no defect products in retail
  • Reduce giveaway, save on packaging material
  • Production security thanks to perfectly protected electronic components
  • Simple and fast data transfer for a production data analysis
  • Robust build for tough working conditions
  • Few wearing parts, therefore low maintenance costs
  • Easy to clean