Sausage Grinder980

  • For the production of Cooked Salami or Cervelat Sausage
  • Blade shaft drive through the double screw of the vacuum filler
  • Filling, portioning and grinding in one step
  • Salami, pepperoni, sausage, fresh products, convenience products and much more.
  • Automatic separation of hard elements
  • Increase production reliability
  • Evaluation of the raw materials
  • Consistent and clear particle size for a perfect product pattern
  • Intensive contrast
  • No smearing
  • Higher product density, less residual air
  • Simplified product preparation, reduced process steps


Full integration into lines
Clipping, linking and forming

Direct grinding drive
Maximum torque available on the grinder thanks to form closure between the double screw and grinder

Inline grinding
Even product feed, which means no dead spaces where residue overflows could remain

Individual product adjustment
The 3-part or 5-part blade set shape allows individual adjustment to the product 

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