Casing Holding Device DHV815

Casing holding device for twist-linking of all regular types of casing

Characteristics of the Casing Holding Device DHV815:

  • Works with all regular types of casing
  • Designed for the use of overlapped casings 
  • Easy spooling of the casings for significant reduction of down time
  • Less casing bursts during start-up and thus less casing waste 
  • Casing brake for gentle handling of the casings 
  • Reproducible results within a calibre range of 13 to 58 
  • Short and long execution for perfect product results 
  • Optional roller guide to support the operators at high speeds 
  • Reduction of wear parts and innovative mechanics for reduced maintenance cost
  • Robust and easy to maintain construction thanks to modular design

Short and precise linking points
The short and precise linking points save casing, which is then available for production.

Wear and maintenance free
Without its own drive, wear- and maintenance-free.

Reliably sealed twist-links
Reliably sealed twist-links on the smoke stick, which avoids waste.