Length Portioning Device LPG218 with Hanging Machine AH219

LPG218: Length Portioning Device – Efficiency for sausages in artificial casings

Filling Valve with Shut-off Function

  • Perfect first and last portion
  • Improved hygiene and less intermediate cleaning
  • Minimized set-up times and greater machine availability

Permanently Centered Linking Horn with VEMAG Magnetic Coupling

  • Better machine availability since operational errors are prevented
  • Reliable linking of casings thanks to perfectly positioned casing brake
  • Less wear, lower service cost, more production availability

VEMAG Gripper for Reliable Casing Changes

  • Better machine availability and better usage of casing since less mistakes are made during the loading process
  • Improved production safety thanks to reliable loading of the linking horn
  • Operational errors are avoided, which increases availability

VEMAG Divider Belts for More Precision

  • Reduced down-times of the filler
  • Improved casing yield and output
  • Consistent and reproducible length accuracy for every product
  • Less rework in the packaging

AH219: Flexible hanging machine for VEMAG sausage lines.

Optimized ergonomics

  • Efficient and ergonomic working thanks to perfect height level
  • Reduced cleaning times because product residues and water drops are carefully collected

Flexibility with hooks

  • Effective loading of the smoke stick for improved utilization
  • Generating groups for easy removal of the smoke stick
  • Reduced set-up times
  • Cost optimization in the thermal process

Transfer of products with variably adjustable hook speed

  • Exact positioning of twist-link on the hook, no manual correction needed
  • Higher output capacity thanks to less swinging of the loops

Integrated scale 877 (optional):

  • Direct weight control at the line
  • Less weight deviations 
  • Reduction of give-away

Further Characteristics of the Length Portioning Device LPG218:

  • Improved production safety
  • Greater production availability
  • Less giveaway thanks to improved weights and lengths
  • High user-friendliness
  • Faster set-up times for more productivity

LPG 218

Further Characteristics of the Hanging Machine AH219:

  • Efficient and ergonomic working
  • Hooks can be adjusted exactly to the spacings you require
  • Optional formation of hook groups
  • Improved utilization of the smoke stick