Length Portioning Machine LPG214

  • Length portioning machine for automatic use in cellulose and collagen casing applications for high production output.
  • Extended linking horns, even for longer casings up to 225 feet, reduce downtime to an absolute minimum for more efficient production times and increased output.
  • Combine efficiency when linking sausages with maximum output, length accuracy and precise weights.

LPG 214

Längenportioniergerät vollautomatisches Darmraupenmagazin
Längenportionierer Würstchen
LPG214 mit vollautomatischen Darmraupenmagazin

Maximum flexibility
Can be used for all casing types, from synthetic and collagen casings to natural casings

Minimal casing changeover times
A fully automated casing magazine with extremely fast casing changeover maximizes production time, increasing efficiency with a virtually continuous production process.

Cost reduction
High weight accuracy reduces give-away.

High production speed
Up to 2200 sausages can be produced per minute in synthetic or collagen casing.

Reproducible quality
Very high length and weight accuracy.