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LPG213 Length Portioning Machine

  • A length portioning machine for hot dogs featuring a fully automatic casing magazine for loading synthetic and collagen casings and enabling semi-automatic use with natural casings
  • Extended linking horns also allow longer casing lengths of up to 580 mm to be used for less frequent casing changes and more efficient production times
  • The mirror-image arrangement of the controls enables continuous production processes, particularly when production is transferred to equipment from another manufacturer that has the controls on the same side

LPG 213

Längenportioniergerät LPG213 für Alcar

Shortest Ever Casing Change Times
Casing can be changed in less than 2.5 seconds to maximize production time and increase efficiency thanks to the virtually continuous production process.

Cost Savings
Reduced give-away thanks to elongated casings.

High Production Speed
Up to 2200 sausages can be produced per minute in synthetic or collagen casing.

Reproducible Quality
Excellent high length and weight precision.