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DP5 Vacuum Filler

  • A robust vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for small-scale and large-scale production
  • Lift and tilt device available as an option
  • Features a touchscreen graphic display
  • Filling capacity of up to 2,300 kg/h
  • Portion weights from 1 g up to 99,999 g
  • 16 m² vacuum system
  • A perfect filling machine for any casing holding device by VEMAG
Vakuumfüller DP5

Reliable Partner
A reliable partner for all applications thanks to the modular system comprising vacuum filter and perfectly matched attachments.

Hygienic Design
Hygienic Design thanks to the simple cleaning procedure based on low-pressure and high-pressure equipment.

Complete Emptying of the Hopper
Complete emptying of the hopper thanks to the optimum hopper geometry and feed unit.