HP3 Vacuum Filler

  • A small, flexible vacuum filler featuring tried-and-tested VEMAG double screw technology
  • Developed together with master butchers for use in small businesses
  • Optimized for small batches and regular product changes
  • Perfectly hygienic
  • Fewer tools for easier handling
Vakuumfüller HP3

Flexible Use
With the help of filling nozzles, casing holding and length portioning devices as well as filling heads from VEMAG's modular system, this small-scale production machine can be modified quickly for different tasks, such as straight filling, clipping, linking of collagen and cellulose casings or linking of a natural casing with another of the same length, weight and caliber, or for loading salads, sauces etc.

Ergonomic Hopper
The bottom loading sill of the hopper is lower on the side facing the operator to facilitate loading of the raw materials.

Gentle Transport of Raw Materials
Double screw technology allows even delicate raw ingredients to be transported particularly gently and without compression from the point that they are inserted into the machine to the point that they are discharged.