Vacuum filler DP12E

  • Universal vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for industrial portioning of soft and hard product
  • Filling rate of up to 7000 kg an hour
  • Portion weights of 5 g up to 99,999 g
  • Portioning rate of up to 750 portions per minute
  • VEMAG Duo-Drive (available as standard and individually adapted to the product): Two separate drives for conveying elements and feed)
Vakuumfüller DP12E

Reliable partner
The modular system comprising vacuum filler and perfectly tailored attachments makes this a reliable product for cold and stiff masses.

Easy accessibility
Easily accessible for all maintenance work.

VEMAG Box-in-Box System
The proven VEMAG box-in-box system offers perfect protection of the electronic components.