Portion2Pack – VEMAG Filling, Portioning and Packaging Solutions in a Nutshell

Machine de portionnement en longueur LPG218

Length Portioning Machine – Efficiency for Sausages in Artificial Casings

Filling Valve with Shut-off Function

  • Perfect first and last portion
  • Improved hygiene and less interim cleaning
  • Minimised set-up times and greater machine availability

Permanently Centred Linking Horn with VEMAG Magnetic Coupling

  • Greater machine availability because operational errors are prevented
  • Casings reliably linked because casing brake is perfectly positioned
  • Less wear, lower servicing costs, more production availability

VEMAG Gripper for Reliable Casing Changes

  • Greater machine availability and greater usage of casing because less mistakes are made during loading
  • Greater process safety because the linking horn is more reliably loaded
  • Operational errors are avoided, which increases availability

VEMAG Dividing Bealts mean more Precision

  • Reduced down-time
  • Improved casing yield and output
  • Constant, reproducible length accuracy
  • Less reworking in packaging

More Characteristics about Length Portioning Machine LPG218:

  • Greater process safety
  • Greater production availability
  • Less giveaway through improved weights and lengths
  • Lower spare parts costs
  • More user friendly
  • Faster set-up times for more productivity

LPG 218