Machine of the month March: Robot 500 - Dynamic powerhouse in a compact format

Over 5500 units sold make the ROBOT 500 the most successful vacuum filler in the world. No other vacuum filler is requested as often, and no other filler is as powerful with such a small size. On the basis of this success, VEMAG is now equipping the best seller—in production since 1982 — with new, more modern features.

A particularly high torque forms the basis for the ROBOT 500‘s universal, efficient usage options: Performance is not compromised even when processing cold, stiff mixes. Whether filling, portioning, grinding or forming; whether meat, fish, cheese or dough — all opportunities are available to you with the ROBOT 500. No other vacuum filler of the same size offers more power.

The vacuum filler offers robustness and reliability, even under the toughest working conditions. All components placed under high stress, such as the pumping system and transmission, are designed to have a long service life, a low level of wear and require little maintenance. The double screw system used both in the ROBOT 500 and in the HPE series industrial machines works with an extremely high level of weight accuracy, therefore helping to reduce the amount rejected and „given away“ effectively.


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