Portion2Pack – VEMAG bringt das Füllen, Portionieren und Verpacken auf eine einfache Formel

Kebab Layer System

HP30E with grinder and continuous Separator813 as an option

Characteristics about Kebab Layer System:

  • Top class portioning rate
  • Up to 4 slots per belt
  • Portion weight up to 500g
  • Less layers needed thanks to unbeatable layer thickness
  • Stable kebab structure in tailored weight groups
  • Drive and electrics encapsulated in machine housing – VEMAG Box-in-Box principle
  • Hygienic design: System is made entirely of stainless steel
  • Ensuring the highest hygienic requirements
  • Easy-to-operate graphical control
  • Sturdy design for long lifespan and availability
  • Low level of maintenance
  • Maximum weight precision
  • The simplest program selection at the push of a button
  • Reduced staff costs due to short training times

 The lifting table

  • Fewer layers per skewer
  • Flexible layer thicknesses according to your needs

The cutting blade

  • Gew Each slice is separated off to a precise weight
  • A servo-driven blade cuts safely and reliably. No fault-prone, unsafe process as with comparable pneumatic systems

Product Quality

  • Better product profile
  • More gentle processing
  • No unwanted ‘memory effects’
  • Small particles such as small bones and gristle are ejected

Utmost efficiency

  • Fewer slices per kebab skewer
  • Quick to set up
  • No additional product treatment such as kneading required at the workplace
  • Greater stability, less product collapsing during production
  • More staff on each conveyor belt, more conveyor belts possible
  • Easy to adapt weight groups to the number of staff