An industry all-rounder that sets pulses racing

The VEMAG Robby vacuum filler is the ideal partner for smaller batches and frequent product changes

Robby is the reliable and robust vacuum filler with rotary vane pump for the meat industry. Specially designed for the requirements of smaller production batches and frequent product changes, it’s the ideal partner for daily work at butcher shops.

Flexible setting options
Lots of attachments make Robby extremely flexible: with filling horn, casing holding and length portioning devices as well as filling heads from the VEMAG modular system, the production machine can be adapted for a whole host of sausage-making tasks in no time. With reliability and precision, Robby fulfils all tasks such as straight filling, clipping, linking of collagen and cellulose casings, and linking of natural casings of the same length, weight and calibre.

Robby can also be used to produce innovative snack products without much effort and thus integrates easily into the VEMAG coextrusion system as a filler.

Convenient operation
All information is entered directly on the user-friendly 12" touchscreen. Whether selecting production parameters or accessing a standard program for a speciality sausage, the easy-to-read graphic display guides users throughout the process with ease, which saves time and prevents incorrect operations.

The powerful servomotor is strong enough to process even cold and very solid mixtures such as salami. With its filling rate of up to 2,300 kg per hour, Robby is more than a suitable and reliable partner for modern-day production.

A focus on ergonomics and hygiene
Robby’s easily accessible, two-part hopper has been overhauled: its optimised shape improves product feed and minimises residue along the inside walls of the hopper. The newly developed two-part hopper design enables ergonomic and fast loading at all times, saving time and energy.

Made entirely from stainless steel, Robby fulfils all hygiene requirements and, like all other VEMAG systems, can be cleaned with ease using low-pressure cleaning equipment and standard cleaning agents. All the control technology is perfectly protected inside the machine in a steam and dust-tight housing. This proven box-in-box system is a unique characteristic of all VEMAG machines which guarantees maximum hygiene and effectively saves time thanks to simple cleaning.


  • Vacuum system: 16 m3/h
  • Filling rate up to 2,300 kg/h
  • Portion weight 0–100,000 g in increments of

0.1 g to 1,000 g and 1 g/1,000 g

  • Weight approx. 426 kg
  • Hopper capacity 105 l
  • Total nominal output 5.8 kW

Portioning speed

Standard   Servo  
Weight Portions/min. Weight Portions/min.
25 g 410 25 g 570
50 g 310 50 g 411
100 g 220 100 g 260
200 g 140 200 g 160

Verden, Germany, May 2019