Highest Flexibility for Multi-lane Processing

Precise and reliable positioning of grouped products into packaging systems with the VEMAG Multiloader series MLR380/382 and MLL381/383

Multiloaders are used for single-lane supplied multi-lane depositing into packaging machines. Depending on the model, the products can be placed in various layouts: side by side, overlapped or stacked. The multiloader offers extremely high transfer rates with utmost precision. Additionally, the systems can be easily integrated into existing production lines: they come as a right (MLR) or a left (MLL) version.

Whether bakery specialties such as marzipan loaves, cookies or energy bars, ground and formed products, such as minced meat or veggie burgers, or convenience products such as adana kofte and many more – the VEMAG multiloaders place grouped products precisely and reliably into trays and thermoformers, making them a perfect addition to the numerous VEMAG attachments as well as other VEMAG single-lane production lines. The easy extension of the existing production line allows for a quick and flexible reaction to changing market requirements which ultimately secures the vital competitive edge of the manufacturer.

Simple operation – precise positioning
The perfectly portioned products are precisely positioned on the height-adjustable lateral discharge conveyor belt for downstream packaging via a shuttle conveyor. The lateral discharge conveyor belt is firmly attached to the shuttle conveyor, guaranteeing constant and precise positioning into the packaging. The drop height of the transported goods can be reduced to a minimum of 35 mm which ensures optimum stability of the end product. The multiloaders process products of up to 105 mm in height in regular mode and up to 120 mm in stack mode.
The discharge pattern can be adjusted flexibly and individually for every application via an integrated display. All discharge patterns are stored in the control system and instantly available to the operator.

Typical for VEMAG: optimum hygiene
Just like any other VEMAG machine, the multiloaders may be cleaned with low-pressure equipment and are easy to maintain: the body of the machine is made of stainless steel and a gearbox protects all mechanical drive elements.
All in all, the multiloaders MLR380/382 and MLL381/383 are the perfect partner for an optimised portioning and packaging process and therefore part of to the versatile VEMAG Portion2Pack program.

Verden, March 26, 2020

[Translate to Polnisch:] Präzise Platzierung gewünschter Ablagemuster in Verpackungen mit der VEMAG Multiloader Serie MLR380/382 und MLL381/383