Machine of the month March: Ball Control 236

Implement ideas and become a trendsetter. When you are using Ball Control BC236 this becomes more than easy. Products in ball or drop shape, as a cylinder or ellipsis, filled or unfilled - there are no limits to your imagination. The appearance of your final product will enthuse you so much that you will hardly notice all the other advantages such as exact weighing and the simplicity of maintenance.

There is (hardly) application for which you cannot use the BC236. It does not matter if you are making meat balls, croquettes, Schupfnudeln (fingershaped potato dumplings) or cheese balls with fruit filling, burgers with feta cheese, vegetable balls with béchamel - you create your products for your customer fast, cost efficiently and exactly to the required shape and weight. This means your balls are really round and other shapes are mouth-watering. And by the way: those are the kind of products that make you different from your competition. Now you simply have to decide with which products you want to pamper your clients; feasible options are all products with a weight of 1 g or more for unfilled products and - depending on the type - a diameter between 10 and 60 mm. An optional flattering band or a texture roll allows you to realize even more interesting products and shapes.