Multiloader ML L/R 380 - 383

Multi-lane product distribution for minced meat and forming lines.

More characteristics about Multiloader ML L/R:

  • Product distribution from a single-lane feeding to an individual multi-lane deposit pattern
  • Supply of product packaging or distribution to freezing or cooking systems
  • Exact positioning of the products
  • Simple and flexible adjustment of the deposit pattern
  • Full synchronisation with packaging machines
  • Simple product switch by changing programs
  • The ML L/R 380/381(left/right) portions 600 mm x 600 mm in the format of the thermoformer. Belt width: 600 mm.
  • The ML L/R 382/383 (left/right) portions 800 mm x 800 mm in the format of the thermoformer. Belt width: 800 mm

ML L/R 380 381 382 383


Kompleksowe uzupełnienie
Kompleksowe uzupełnienie zestawu urządzeń odcinających, porcjomatu do mięsa mielonego i formierki VEMAG.