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Controle de Produtos em Formato Esférico BC236

Dispositivo para produção de bolas recheadas e não recheadas, croquetes ou almôndegas

Characteristics about Ball Controlls BC236:

  • Choice of 4,5, 6 or 12 outlets for unfilled products and 6 outlets for coex products


Highest efficiency

  • Short setup times with only few parts and without the use of tools
  • Highest output with 12 lanes each 250 strokes
  • High weight accuracy with the VEMAG filling flow divider

Highest flexibility:

  •  Modular system:

    • 12-lanes up to 40g (e.g. Balls and Cevapcici)
    • 6-lanes up to 200g (e.g. Meat Balls)
    • 6-lanes coextrusion for filled products
    • 5- and 4-lanes for Plant-Based Patties
    • Optional flattening device with and without structure roll usable

Best product quality

  • Products like handmade, shaping is infinitely adjustable with servo technology
  • Minimal give-away
  • Better separation due to overcut of the forming plates
  • Infinitely adjustable flattening belt as an option

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